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Falling Upwards

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The Overlord -- So me and Des have set up a new forum. If you miss us (SPECIFICALLY ME) feel free to drop by! http://landofdheynor.jcink.net/
The Overlord -- Welcome to Falling Upwards
The Overlord -- The Circle Breaker is dead, the Seven Gables has been destroyed and the Weeping Widows have crumbled. The Conflagration has ended but it's effects shall be felt for years. The Outer City was left to it's fate, the Inner City too caught up in it's meaningless celebrations to even notice. The refugees of Udhan have realised the promises the Overlord had made to them were meaningless, they realise it is time to take their fate into their own hands.
The Overlord -- If you are alive post here. If you are not alive then... uh... post there but... like don't eat brains and stuff? That ain't cool.
The Overlord -- Just an announcement on the status of the forum. We're very quiet right now but don't cry for me, Argentina.

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